Set-Up Process

So what happens after you sign-up with DuctWork Marketing?

After you pick the Program Package that is best for your HVAC business, there are only a few steps to get your website up-and-running and the customer loyalty program started.

Share basic information about your business.

We need to learn about your HVAC business so we can customize the content on your website.  The information needed will range from your business’ phone number and hours of operation to services offered and brands of HVAC equipment installed.

With this information, we develop customized content for your website that is optimized to attract people in your local market that are looking for HVAC services.


Provide the domain name / web address for the site.

If you don’t yet have a domain name (ex: or you don’t know how to secure one, don’t worry, we will show you how, step-by-step.

Important Note: You will own your business domain name. Should you decide to end our partnership down-the-road, you can take the domain name and continue to use it.


Review the customized content.

After we develop the content for your website, you will be asked to review the content.  We want to ensure that the customized content correctly represents your business and the services offered.

Once approved, the content will be used to build your website’s web pages.


Choose your customized business email addresses

Free, customized email addresses are included with every Program Package we offer.

Email addresses that are customized with your domain name ( provide a much more professional image to your customers than free email subscriptions like aol, gmail, hotmail or others.

That’s it! These are all of the steps.

Once completed, your site is set-up. It goes live, customers find you, call you and you get more business. It’s that simple…
All of this usually takes about two weeks, once we get your company information.


On-Going Maintenance

The work does not end once your website is up-and-running. All of our Program Packages include on-going web content additions and updates.

Refreshing and enriching the content on your site is critical for two reasons:
1) Updates keep your customers coming back to your site over time, and
2) Search engines view updates favorably and this improves your chances        of being found by potential customers using them.

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