About Us

At DuctWork Marketing, our mission is to help small HVAC contractors grow their sales, increase their profits, boost productivity and improve overall business health.

The centerpiece element for doing this is an affordable website that is optimized for HVAC businesses wanting more potential customers to call and more past customers to call back.

Our goal is to make the entire online marketing experience and website set-up easy for our clients – easy to understand, easy to implement, and easy to manage.  How?  Because we do all of the work.

At DuctWork Marketing, we believe that websites and an online presence should not cost thousands of dollars and take months to get up-and-running, and we have worked to drive the costs and set-up time waaaay down.

Like our clients, we are a small business – and the owner is actively involved in the business and works to stay connected to our clients.  While our Customer Care Team addresses most all questions and concerns, every client also receives the owner’s personal cell phone number, with an open invitation to call him, should a need arise.  Even subscribers to our free newsletter receive a personal thank-you from the owner, along with his personal email address so thoughts, ideas and feedback can be shared directly with him.

We work hard to ensure that our clients receive outstanding products and services at a great value.  We do this for two reasons:  1.  We really enjoy this type of work because it is extremely rewarding to help small HVAC companies, who want to grow, be successful; and 2. We like to eat, and we know that if we don’t deliver great value and results to our clients, we will not have clients who will want to continue to pay us (and not getting paid makes buying groceries tough).

We only work with small HVAC contractors.  It is our specialty.  If that is your business, and you are looking for an effective website and online presence from a marketing partner with 100% focus on your industry, DuctWork Marketing can help.

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